Installation instructions for Talkswitch Call Reporting

1. Configuration of TalkSwitch Unit

2. Installation and Configuration of TalkSwitch Call Reporting

3. Download TalkSwitch Call Reporting Software

4. Download TalkSwitch Call Reporting Latest Upgrades

5. Reset to English Utility
If you see strange text when you first load Reports then a language detection error has occured during installation onto your computer.
Click this link to download and run a small utility that will reset to English.


Configuration of TalkSwitch

TalkSwitch Call Reporting has been developed to work with TalkSwitch via an IP connection.
Assign an IP Address to your TalkSwitch unit as shown. (The IP address used
in this example will be different on your own network)


Then configure the TalkSwitch system to store CDR (Call records) to a file as shown in the image below
(Tools>Call Logging Output>Store to File)



Finally, test that calls are being stored to the TalkSwitch Unit by making some genune incoming and outgoing calls
(Note you must connect using a trunk because internal extension to extension calls are not reported)

Check you can see these calls by opening your Internet Browser and typing in the address bar
the IP address of the TalkSwitch unit (eg as used in our example here)

You will see a screen like on the link to Call Detail Record (CDR) Management


After clicking on the link to Call Detail Record (CDR) Management you will then see a screen like this...



Click on the link Download CDR and you should now see your call records as shown in the example below...




Installation & Configuration of TalkSwitch Call Reporting

Step 1.
Download or run TalkSwitch Call Reporting
(English / French) installation software from here (Last updated November 10th 2008 - Version

Step 2.
Latest Upgrades

If you have already installed Talkswitch Call Reporting and would like to run the latest upgrades then click here (Last Updated May 18th 2009- Call Collector Version
(This is not necessary if you are installing from the full download above (Step 1))

Install Call Collector and Reports as prompted (we recommend you install to the default locations)

Email Report Viewer
PABXsoft provides the facility to automatically create and email reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
If the email recipient does not have PABXsoft installed they can run this file and then when they receive an
emailed report they simply need to double-click it to open and view/print the report.

14 Day Trial Reset
If your 14 day trial has expired and you would like an extension then run this utility.
You are only able to run the utility one time.

After installation is complete copy your TalkSwitch Call Reporting license key to the TalkSwitch Call Reporting directory in C:\Program Files.
Do not attempt to open this encypted license file, simply copy and paste it.

Start up Reports (Start>All Programs>TalkSwitch Call Reporting>Reports) and follow the prompts.
Enter the IP Address for your TalkSwitch system (See notes for configuring your TalkSwitch on this web page)
Do not 'pad' out your IP address with additional zeros (eg if the IP Address for your TalkSwitch is
then enter exactly that and not

Enter the Port number as 80
Save your entry.

(Note: You are prompted to enter your IP Address and Port number during the initial configuration of TalkSwitch Call Reporting.
If you make a mistake and want to change your entry later on, you may do so in Reports>Setup>Site)

Exit Reports and start the Call Collector (Start>All Programs>TalkSwitch Call Reporting> Call Collector)
(Note:You will see there are two options for Call Collector, one for Windows Service, the other without). When first
configuring TalkSwitch Call Reporting we recommend using the regular (non Windows service) Call Collector.

Make some calls and you should see them start to appear in the Processed data window.
You can now close the Call Collector window (it will then be minimised as a white box icon
in your PC system tray). You can then open up Reports to start running Reports on your data or to finish off
the configuration of TalkSwitch Call Reporting (eg assigning names to Extensions, creating Departments, editing call rates etc).


Terminating the Call Collector stops real time data recording so please just Close the Window, not Terminate the Call Collector.
Sometimes you may have to Terminate the Call Collector to carry out administrative functions.
(eg when you are entering new entries in the LCR table or Directory), and sometimes when you need to
re-boot the PC. This should not result in lost data as the all call records held in memory by TalkSwitch will be processed when you
next re-start the Call Collector.